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De Long’s Wine Tasting Notebook - Hard Bound

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Taking wine tasting notes is the best way to accelerate your wine knowledge; this book has made it as easy as possible in a fun and informative way.

Did you ever want to learn about wine tasting but didn’t know how to start? Then, hit the ground running with this straightforward way to develop your wine tasting skills. More than a notebook, this compact volume contains a concise and easy-to-follow wine tasting course.

Suitable for all skill levels


  • How to Take a Wine Tasting Note – how the pros do it, step by step, with examples
  • Wine Tasting Terms – 216 popular terms explained in brief, including how to detect wine faults
  • Wine Tasting Note Forms – 144 pages of easy-to-follow forms
  • Handy Vintage Chart – all major regions of the world

Over 140 Wine Tasting Forms put the repetitive parts of a note in convenient multiple choice for pros and act as training wheels for beginners.

Wine Tasting Terms help build your wine tasting vocabulary with quick explanations of where certain flavours come from. Includes practical details on identifying wine faults.

How to Take a Wine Tasting Note walks you through the fundaments of wine tasting. Wine is a complicated subject, but the basic principles of wine tasting are not.

Suitable for all skill levels

The De Long Wine Tasting Notebook is also available in softbound.