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Stemless Wine Glasses as Wedding Favours

Stemless wine glass wedding favoursLooking for the perfect wedding gift can be extremely difficult, especially if you know they have everything already! Therefore we have produced this guide to help you with your wedding present dilemma.

Stemless wine glasses make excellent wedding favours, and with a wide selection of choice, you can be sure to make both the groom and bride happy. They are also ideal for giving as a present for anniversaries and other celebrations.


5 Reasons to give stemless wine glasses as a wedding gift

1) Stemless wine glasses are long-lasting

You want your wedding gift not only to be appreciated by the happy couple but to last. You can feel assured when buying stemless wine glasses that they are a worthwhile investment.

2) Practical design

You can use stemless wine glasses for wine and various otherStemless Wine Glasses as Wedding Favours drinks, including whisky, spirits, cocktails, water, and soft drinks. A functional glass indeed!

3) Choose from a range of designs

Stemless wine glasses are available in a variety of designs. You can choose from heavy, sturdy stemless wine glasses to lighter designs with a smaller bowl. 

4) Presentation

You can make your gift truly stand out. Most stemless wine glasses come packaged in attractive gift boxes, and you can also add stylish wrapping to your gift to make it extra special. The wrapping paper can match the bride and grooms wedding colours making your present extremely thoughtful. You could even buy a personalised ribbon to wrap around the gift box with the couple’s names and wedding date on it.

5) Engraving

If you really want to give a unique present, you can have it engraved on your stemless wine glasses. This is available from some companies, and if not, you can send your glassware to professional engravers.

Personalised wine glass engraving

We are pleased to currently offer personalised stemless wine glasses and glassware engraving (minimum order 250 glasses). So if you have an order you would like to place with us, call us on 01903 786148 to discuss or fill our online form.


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Stemless wine glasses can be used to ‘toast’ a special day. They offer an alternative to traditional wedding gifts such as champagne flutes or whisky glasses.

We offer a fantastic range of stemless wine glasses, which are ideal for giving as gifts or present for special occasions. If you need any assistance with your stemless wine glass purchase or further information, please contact us. We are always happy to help.